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The Power of Solidarity - Print

The Power of Solidarity - Print

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Creation Story

The power of solidarity has kept us alive for more than 65,000 years. We are still fighting for redress of past injustices. This image depicts the strength of First Nations peoples, and shows the power of ‘always was, always will be’. The fists in the middle of the image represents unity of our people. I wanted to share that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people come in all different shades, so the fists are varied in colour just like us.

I have utilised earthy, yet bold colours to create a strong sense of First Nations peoples' connection to country, though to also show that our country is hurting right now. The symbols behind the fists represent various communities, though not withstanding there are many, many more across our nation.

Our connection to this country crosses deep through many generations and runs through our blood. The red rivers running into the outline our country is our bloodline - it shows a deep-seeded connection to this land. Our people have been protecting country, protecting sacred elements, language, lore, waterways, animals, and culture for millennia.

Our ancestors have been a part of our journey and they are a part of this image in the background, guiding us and ensuring we continue to engrain our culture into future generations and allow it to continue on.

We as first Nations people need to continue to bind and work together because we cannot let the pressures of the Western world bring us down….Always was and always will be!

Material Details

Textured Cotton Rag - 310gsm Print:

Our staple textured paper. Unobtrusive texture that adds dimensionality to any image.

  • 100% Heavyweight natural cotton print. 
  • Fine art prints are archival pigments inks 
  • Medium texture \ Matte Surface.

Pieces come unframed - but please contact us if you would like me to organise a custom piece. 

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