My Journey

My name is Madison Connors (nee’ Saunders), and I am excited to share my journey as a proud and strong Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung, and Gamilaroi woman. The essence of my identity is a driving force within me, originating from my heart and shaping who I am. My profound connection to the environment is like a lifeline, tracing back to the bloodline that runs through this country and my community.

I was fortunate to be born and raised in Kannygoopna, known as Shepparton, where the bountiful waters yield the catch of big fish. Growing up, I lived on my grandmother's Country, immersing myself in the rich traditions and wisdom passed down through generations. Those experiences have shaped my perspective and molded my aspirations.

Today, I reside on Wurundjeri Country, nestled in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. It is here, alongside my young family, that I continue to explore my roots and build upon the legacy of my ancestors. Every day, I am inspired by the strong line of women who came before me, and I strive to walk in their footsteps with grace and purpose.

Through my work, I aim to embody the full essence of my heritage and make my mob proud. Whether it's through artistic expressions or meaningful achievements, I am dedicated to leaving a lasting impact and contributing to the empowerment of my community.

Join me on this remarkable journey as I embrace my cultural identity, deepen my connection to the land, and endeavor to make a difference. Together, let us celebrate the beauty and resilience of First Nations heritage.

My artistic vision

Art has always been an integral part of my life, providing solace and creative expression since my earliest memories. Drawing, painting, and creating have been my companions, offering a profound sense of healing. As I embarked on my adult years, my artistic endeavors became a natural remedy for emotional wellness, allowing me to let go and immerse myself in the transformative process of creation.

As an Aboriginal woman, my experiences have shaped my ambitions and perspectives, infusing my artistic representations with a unique lens. From a young age, I recognized the power of art to create positive change. This belief resonates deeply within me, and I am committed to sharing, teaching, and creating artwork that sparks meaningful conversations.

Each piece I create carries a distinct vision, encapsulating diverse emotions and experiences. While the specifics vary, my ultimate goal is to captivate the minds of my audience. I strive to evoke a profound sense of connection, inviting viewers to delve into the depths of my work and experience a range of emotions.

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