• Yiyarrak

    Yiyarrak translates to day after in Yorta Yorta language.

    The day after you have a baby you are meet with so much emotion. So much passion. So much power. So much uncertainty. So many new challenges. Yet you have the strength. This piece represents the strength. The strength to continue. The strength to get through the uncertainty, uncomfortable, unknown. The strength to hold space for you and to know your limits.

  • Grounded

    Life as we know it has changed. Life has we know it has rebranded itself. Why? How? When?This piece represents balance. Finding ones balance in life and seeking that peaceful, soulful and grounded life. 

  • Lilly Pilly

    A beautiful bush native shrub with small exotic fruits that emit a clove-like fragrance.

    For thousands of years, Aboriginal Australians have used Lilly Pilly to for its anti bacterial and healing properties. This fruit features widely in traditional Aboriginal medicine, used as a treatment for sore ears, wounds and skin conditions, and generally consumed as an immune system booster.

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Yarli Creative aims to create art which evokes a connection, and a rich conversation.

  • YOU are our ancestors WILDEST dreams

  • You are my sunshine

  • You're a deadly STAR

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