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Riverside Puzzles

Riverside Puzzles

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These 252 piece puzzles come beautifully printed with a high gloss durable finish and sturdy chipboard backing

Creation Story

Creating with kids can be quite stressful. But when you give them freedom and tell them to fill the page you will be surprised with what they create. 

Marley’s my five year old son and this is his new piece. This was one of my proudest moments. He created this beautiful piece after watching me paint all the time.

On a Saturday morning I was painting my own piece, he came up and said “can I help?” Instead of helping me I asked if he wanted to create his own. I gave him my special paint pens, a canvas and allowed him to create. 

My only request was to fill the page with colour.

I drew some Aboriginal symbols so he could trace. He told me his story. This is about camping by the river. There is a man and women sitting around the campsite enjoying the scenery and land. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and the fish are swimming fast in the river. there is an emu by the riverbank that is having a drink and it’s a still quiet moment. 

Taking time out from his busy mind and painting mindfully is something I and all of you reading can appreciate.

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