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Our story is in the land - Print

Our story is in the land - Print

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Creation Story

Our story is in the land ... it is written in those sacred places. My children will look after those places, that’s the law. Dreaming place ... you can’t change it no matter who you are.

First Nationa people’s sense of belonging is derived from an ontological relationship to country derived from the Dreaming which provides the precedents for what is believed to have occurred in the beginning in the original form of social living created by ancestral beings. During the Dreaming, ancestral beings created the land and life and they are tied to particular tracks of country. Knowledge and beliefs tied to the Dreaming inform the present and future. Within this system of beliefs there is scope for interpretation and change by individuals through dreams and their lived experiences.

The ancestral beings created animals, plants, humans, and the physiographic features of the country associated with them. They also established the Aboriginal ways of life: a moral code for its social institutions and patterns of activity. Ancestral beings provided the rules for what can and cannot be done through both good and bad behaviour. Ancestral beings are immortal. They are creatures of the Dreaming who moved across country leaving behind possessions, which designate specific sites of significance. They met others of their kind; they created and left the world of humans through being metamorphosed as stone or some other form, disappearing into the territory of another group or into the sky, ground or water. In doing, so they leave behind tangible evidence of their presence on earth.


Textured Cotton Rag (Our staple textured paper) - 310gsm Print:

Our staple textured paper. Unobtrusive texture that adds dimensionality to any image.

  • 100% heavyweight natural cotton print 
  • Fine art prints are archival pigments inks 
  • Medium texture, matte surface

    This design is also available as a canvas print, please contact us to enquire if you are interested.

    ** Please Note our prints and canvas prints are all made to order by local manufacturing partners around Melbourne. Due to this, occasionally there may be delays in receiving your item. Please keep this in mind when ordering. We appreciate your patience and support!

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