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Heart of Connection - Print

Heart of Connection - Print

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Creation Story 

My vision for this piece is to create an image which captures the audience’s minds. To tell a story about the heart of culture, the heart of connection to land, the heart of community and the heart of what it means to be an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person. The teal-green leaves of the plant and the outline of the heart represent the collaboration it takes as a community to create a healthy environment, and to come together in unity. The heart is the strength of this image. 

The purple circular symbols represent communities, and it is within these communities that we see strong leadership to provide support to all people. The pink aspects of the flower are to represent the knowledge that is learnt, and the knowledge that grows from collaborating. The knowledge that is kept in the hearts of all Aboriginal peoples of their own identity and journey. 

Material Details

Cotton Rag - 310gsm Print:

Our staple textured paper. Unobtrusive texture that adds dimensionality to any image.

  • 100% heavyweight natural cotton print 
  • Fine art prints are archival pigments inks 
  • Medium texture, matte surface

Pieces come unframed - please contact us if you would like us to organise a custom piece. 

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