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Gana's (Mothers) Whisper - Print

Gana's (Mothers) Whisper - Print

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Creation Story 

Gana translates to mother in Yorta Yorta language.

Whispering to your unborn child even through the darkest days.

Another aspect to parenthood that I was not ready for, was all of the unwanted advice and opinions. You learn that in that moment your body is not your own. It has been hijacked. You try to ignore or move past this wave of information, yet sometimes it can be challenging.  

All you want to do is whisper to your baby. You want it to just be you and them. But for the most part you have all of these other voices that are flooding over you.

I was diagnosed with pre-natal depression and anxiety during my first pregnancy. Something I had not heard of before. The darkest days are even darker. Your emotions and hormones are uncontrollable. With the added layer of people’s advice and opinions, you can feel like you are drowning.

What gave me hope was those little kicks and rolls that your baby does just when you lay down to go to sleep. I placed my hand on my tummy and softly said “everything will be okay, I will always love you my Marley”.

This image shows a pregnant mother trying to whisper and talk to her baby, tell them that everything will be okay. It shows the symbol of people all over her, showing that in this moment, her body is not her own. She is reminded that to get through she must stay connected as much as she can to her unborn baby.


Textured Cotton Rag (Our staple textured paper) - 310gsm Print:

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  • 100% heavyweight natural cotton print 
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