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Dance of Creation - Canvas Print

Dance of Creation - Canvas Print

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Creation Story 

From this void, two cosmic forces emerged: Ebb and Flow.

Ebb was the embodiment of stillness, a tranquil presence that exhaled serenity into the cosmos much like the feeling of connecting our feet to country. Flow, on the other hand, was the essence of motion, the vivacious spirit that breathed life into the universe. Similar to the waves that crash or the waterways which bend in unimaginable turns. Together, they existed in harmonious equilibrium, bound by an eternal dance of creation. 

Yet, it was not a perfect dance. From chaos and destruction emerged the seeds of new beginnings, as life and creativity blossomed in the wake of their collisions.

"Dance of Creation: Ebb and Flow," captures this cosmic ballet with vivid colours and dynamic brushstrokes. Use contrasting elements to represent Ebb's stillness and Flow's motion, allowing their energies to blend and clash in the composition.


Canvas - ready to hang:

  • Our premium archival canvas and genuine Canon inks provide an excellent finish
  • Our prints are precisely stretched by hand with expertise and care. Each frame is custom made using kiln-dried timber stretcher bars, sourced from sustainable regrowth forests.
  • Every print is carefully sprayed with a UV matte protective laminate, ensuring they are fade-resistant, durable and easy to clean.

FRAMING OPTIONS - Unframed or Floating Framed with Tasmanian Oak

This design is also available as a print, please contact us to enquire if you are interested.


 ** Please Note our prints and canvas prints are all made to order by local manufacturing partners around Melbourne. Due to this, occasionally there may be delays in receiving your item. Please keep this in mind when ordering. We appreciate your patience and support!

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