Clare Bullen - Communications Specialist (Graphic Designer), Murray PHN

Clare Bullen - Communications Specialist (Graphic Designer), Murray PHN

"Murray PHN commissioned Madison Connors in 2019 to create an artwork that would be featured prominently in the organisation’s Bendigo office and used in a variety of ways, online and in corporate publications. 

It was important that the artwork reflect and celebrate the Indigenous culture of the Murray PHN region, while being mindful of the health journey of the community. 

Madison used the Murray River as the focal point of her artwork,  which she has called “Dhelkunya Yaluk”, or Healing River. Her artwork features various elements and symbols that tell the story of her people’s connection to Country, the land and the healing properties that connection provides."

The finished piece is loved by our staff and we are delighted to have it on our office walls and in our board room. The unique contemporary style is a great fit for our brand and both the work and its elements will underpin the look and feel of our communications for many years."


Clare Bullen

Communications Specialist (Graphic Designer)

Murray PHN

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