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Yarli Creative

Yarli Creative Aboriginal Art - Greeting Cards

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Creation Story


Sharing Yapameyepuka (meaning sharing together in Yorta Yorta language)

This piece depicts motherhood from the beginning. When you first become a mother you learn and grow from the child as much as the child learns and grows from you. You share something so very special with one another and keep that bond for a lifetime. This depicts me and my son, the one who made me a mummy. This shows my growth, my strength, and my learnings. It represents the input we have from community when rearing children and that support networks surrounding us. In the heart of the boy is a symbol which represents community and people that have helped him to grow and learn his ways, his culture, his identity. 

This one is incredibly special to me, I began this piece almost 3 years ago and have now been able to finish it. 

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My Little Love

Mother and child - an indescribable bond between. This piece is particularly special to me as it is a depiction of me and my first born son. From the womb to earth-side, we have shared a strong connection from the beginning. 

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New life. Gratitude. Reborn. 

This image represents a flower. Within that flower are many layers. This image is showing growth found in one's self, growth found in community, growth found in inner strength, and growth found in togetherness. 

Growth is inevitable. When you succumb to your calling, it's like a light switch is flicked.

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Gorkarra Winyarr (translates to rain woman in Yorta Yorta language)

This story is one which came to me. It is not like any other. I had a dream about a Rain woman. This woman was even more powerful and strong, she was influential and able to create the rain that we needed to heal our countries spirit. This piece is reflecting the healing properties of water and the water is flowing down hard on the negativity that is all around. This story is to provide you with a healing space, to remove toxicity and allow you to be the strongest woman you can ever be. Be you, be one, be courageous.

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Nitel nyt-tell (translates to gather, to in Yorta Yorta language)

Woman were traditionally the ones who would gather in the family. This imagine depicts woman working together to gather what they need for their families. The woman create strong connections with one another and empower each other.

This need to empower our women, to strengthen ties, build upon relationships, to share, to heal, to bring everyone together is incredibly powerful. We want to learn from each other and pass down teachings, share stories on country, gather and yarn in circles. The fruits they are gathering are important, it is symbolising that collective strength and empowerment. 

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The Gurburr (translates to koala in Yorta Yorta)

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Yanyubak (translates to walk to the future in Yorta Yorta language)

Don't run but walk to the future. Take your time to connect with the environmental moment and the space you create to get there. Absorb the freedom but hold onto the control, take time to realise your potential and understand your strength. Empower your thoughts and elevate your actions. 

When we can see what we need in our life we must work towards it, to climb those mountains and tackle those challenges. This piece depicts the way in which we move through our life and how we get to where we are needing to be. 

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Gana translating to Mother in Yorta Yorta language.

The creation of life is magical. I cannot comprehend it - even though I have created two beautiful beings - the idea and thought of pregnancy is beautiful. A woman's body creates little fingers and toes, they create a little nose and ears, how? After having my children I realised how amazing the woman's body is, before that I did not have the same level of appreciation for it. The pain of labour and then shortly after the joy -  is incredible. 

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Yeyurringal translates to sunrise in Yorta Yorta language. 

Yeyurringal provides warm and a new start. A new day to reset and start again. Look to the future with the sun-shining bright and providing you the opportunity to start fresh. 

Let this piece brighten your day and provide you with the light you need in your life. 

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Moira Bayadhera (translates to sea turtle in Yorta Yorta language). 

This little baby moira bayadhera is entering the world. Excited and ready for what is to come. Eager to learn and create experiences, learn from its family and become big and strong. 

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Starry Dhala (translates to Starry Night in Yorta Yorta language).

Do you remember talking to your baby when they were inside your womb? Those softly spoken words at night, the assurance that everything will be alright. Do you remember those connections you felt, the kicks and rolls around?

How magical it all is. Although my pregnancies were tough I still remember those feelings, the special connections you have when growing them and their little reminders that they are there.

I created this piece listening to the same music I listened to while birthing my second child. This birth was so healing to me as my first birth was very traumatic. Each contraction I would imagine I was riding a wave that would bring me closer to my daughter.

This image is depicting me softly talking and passing on my hopes to my unborn child under a starry night.  
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Did you know...Galah (gilaa) is the bird’s Yuwaalaraay Aboriginal language name. The Yuwaalaraay are a tribe from northern New South Wales, around the area of Lightning Ridge.

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350 gsm silk
100% recycled material used to produce the cards 
Semi gloss finish

Each card comes with a C6 (114 x 162mm) luxe matte wallet peel and seal envelope packaged together in a clear adhesive bag. 

Card Variations 

A little piece of inexpensive Yarli Creative original Aboriginal art to share with those you love. This is the perfect option to gift someone you love. Each variations has its own creation story and can be purchased as a premium cotton rag print.