Under the Dutan - Print

Under the Dutan - Print

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Creation Story 

Under the Dutan (translates to stars in Yorta Yorta Language)

Under the stars is where we dream. Under the stars is where we feel. Under the stars is where we connect with our ancestors. Under the stars is where we create our worlds and imagine greatness. 

Close your eyes and imagine your world, imagine all of the stars are shinning bright and imagine you can reach them. Imagine you are everything you need to be and you are you shinning bright. 

Material Details

Our staple textured paper. Unobtrusive texture that adds dimensionality to any image.

  • 100% heavyweight natural cotton print 
  • Fine art prints are archival pigments inks 
  • Medium texture, matte surface

Pieces come unframed - please contact us if you would like us to organise a custom piece.