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Oversized - Day of Mourning

Oversized - Day of Mourning

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 A converstation starter

A very significant protest in Aboriginal history was the 1938 Day of Mourning in Sydney.

On the 26th of January that year, many non-Aboriginal people were celebrating the 150th anniversary of the arrival of Europeans in Australia. Many Aboriginal people were outraged that their history and experiences were being ignored in these celebrations, so a protest was held on the same day to speak out against colonisation, theft of land and the treatment of Aboriginal people by Australian governments.

The Day of Mourning was organised by the Aboriginal Progressive Association (APA) of New South Wales with the support of the Aboriginal Advancement League in Victoria. Some of the key leaders involved in the protest included Uncle William Cooper, Pastor Doug Nicholls, Aunty Margaret Tucker and Aunty Pearl Gibbs.

The celebrations taking place in Sydney included a parade and a re-enactment of the landing of the First Fleet of ships bringing people from Britain to Australia. After the parade finished, over 1000 Aboriginal people and their supporters took part in a silent march through the streets of Sydney. Members of the APA wore black, despite it being a hot summer day, to symbolise that they were in mourning for Aboriginal lives lost and pain caused by colonisation.

Uncle Jack Patten addressed the conference, stating:

On this day the white people are rejoicing, but we, as Aborigines, have no reason to rejoice on Australia’s 150th birthday. Out purpose in meeting today is to bring home to the white people of Australia the frightful conditions in which the native Aborigines of this continent live. This land belonged to our forefathers 150 years ago, but today we are pushed further and further into the background.

Uncle William Ferguson spoke second, saying:

We have been waiting and waiting all of our lives for the white people of Australia to better our conditions, but we have waited in vain…Surely the time has come at last for us to do something for ourselves, and make ourselves heard. That is why the Aborigines Progressive Association has been formed.

Tee features:

- Casual, comfortable and deadly look
- Oversized cut, to wear folded sleeves
- 90% organic cotton, 10% post-consumer recycled cotton
- 200 g/m2

Sizes (CM)
Half chest 49
Body length 70
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