Winyarr's Business - Canvas

Winyarr's Business - Canvas

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Creation Story

Winyarr's Business (translates to Women's Business in Yorta Yorta).

Who run the world? GIRLS! WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIIIIRRRRLLSS!!!! I can never understand the history of oppression or the history of oppressing women, in particular black women? Like obviously I understand it’s a power thing and what not. But women create new life? So wouldn’t that put us on a pedestal?

This piece was created to show a woman's power, a woman's strength and a woman's diversity. Woman are such an important part of society. In my culture we follow the line of the matriarch. 

Smash the patriarchy.


Canvas - ready to hang:

  • Our premium archival canvas and genuine Canon inks provide an excellent finish
  • Our prints are precisely stretched by hand with expertise and care. Each frame is custom made using kiln-dried timber stretcher bars, sourced from sustainable regrowth forests.
  • Every print is carefully sprayed with a UV matte protective laminate, ensuring they are fade-resistant, durable and easy to clean.

This design is also available as a print, which you can check out here